The beautiful gracious building that is Third Church of Christ Scientist, London is a listed building in the City of Westminster? 

Our church is a branch of The Mother Church, First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts and was the third church to be founded in London by local Christian Scientists, hence its title of ‘Third’ church.

Building was started in 1908 and it was opened in 1911. In 1917 the Lower Hall was made available to the public as an air raid shelter and in 1940 it was again used as an air raid shelter and a canteen was maintained for those using the shelter. From August 1940 it was also made available as a temporary refuge for 200-300 people rendered homeless by the air raids. One night there were 700 people given access. On only one Sunday, in October 1940 was there no Sunday service in the church – due to an unexploded bomb in the mews at the back of the church.

The original edifice had seating for over 1,000 people. In 1984, the members decided to restructure, creating a smaller church auditorium, redeveloping the land at the back into commercial property for offices and flats around a pleasant courtyard. During this massive alteration, church services were held as usual. The church auditorium is now on the first floor of the original building. Access to the flats and offices is shared from Curzon Street and through the front archway. There is step free access to the church from the mews at the back of the building. This access needs to be requested from the church custodian.


The history of the Christian Science church worldwide

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